How to experience a full life without avoiding your feelings

It seems like a lot of people don’t want to feel their feelings.

And we don’t blame them because feelings hurt.

Pain, suffering, anxiety all feel bad.

Managing emotions like this can be tough.

But to live a full life we must embrace these feelings, bad and good.

So today, we’re going to share where these “feelings” come from, so that you are better able to manage your own.

We want you to lean into your feelings so you can experience a full life.

The Difference Between Feelings and Sensations

All feelings are vibrations in your body.

There’s a difference between what we call a sensation and a feeling.

So a sensation is something that originates in your body and travels to your brain. It’s something that is involuntary and a physical reaction to something.

A sensation for example would be sensing a pinprick or if someone were to touch you. Any kind of involuntary reaction that your body has is a sensation. It’s a physical reaction that you’re not going to be able to control.

A feeling, on the other hand, originates in your brain with a thought and goes into your body.

A thought causes a vibration into your body.

There’s a lot of overlap with sensations and feelings in the brain. Like when doctors or scientists map brains, they see that emotions cause physical pain. Physical pain, of course, can also cause us emotions, too. There’s a lot of overlap there.

But for the sake of talking about feelings today, let’s stick with the definition that feelings are vibrations in the body caused by thoughts in the brain.

Feelings Are Vibrations in Your Body

Now, a vibration in your body can be positive or negative.

You can have a positive vibration that feels pleasurable.

You can have a negative vibration that feels painful.

There’s a balance between positive and negative. There’s that polarity in the universe, in the world, and in your human life. It balances out and is meant to balance out the world, literally.

There’s supposed to be good and bad in the world.

There are supposed to be positive and negative in the world.

If you don’t have negative, you can’t have positive, so they create the balance for our human experience.

Feelings are vibrations in our body.

And we have a 50/50 experience in the world of positive and negative emotions.

In order to feel a positive emotion, all you need to do is think about something amazing, wonderful, awesome, and you will feel that in your body.

If you want to experience a negative emotion, think about something terrible, awful, dangerous, painful, and you’ll feel that negative emotion in your body.

These are feelings in a nutshell.

How to manage emotions so you can experience a full life

What are you feeling?

Are you currently avoiding your feelings, but want to lean into them more so you can experience a full life?

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You may feel afraid, nervous, or overwhelmed at the idea of “doing more” with your life.

And so you avoid taking action, or you keep doing what you’ve always done to stay safe.

The result of this is that you dream of a bigger, fuller life, but you rarely take steps to make it happen.

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