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If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, there are a variety of paths you can take to make it happen.

You can become a life coach through online training courses, in-person educational programs, or a mix of self taught reading and assessment.

You may be wondering, “Is a Life Coach Certification necessary?”

At The Life Coach School, we believe that getting certified as a life coach through a training program is 100% necessary.

If you’re serious about becoming a life coach, completing a coaching Certification is the best first step to start helping people.

A Life Coach Certification does three things for you (and your clients):

  • Gives you a solid foundation to coach from when helping people
  • Fills you with confidence that you know what you’re doing
  • Positions you as a trusted expert to your ideal clients

If you want to give your future clients the best possible chance at succeeding, a life coach training program is a great decision.

7 Reasons To Get a Life Coach Certification

It is true you do not need a coaching Certification to become a life coach in the United States.

However, there are plenty of reasons to complete a training program before you start coaching and helping people.

Here are seven reasons you want to get a life coach certification:

#1. Learn Valuable Coaching Skills

Many people who want to coach have the innate skills to do so.

They have a desire to help people, too.

Pursuing a coaching program will help equip you with skills and techniques to make you an even more effective coach.

You’ll grow your skills in:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Problem Solving
  • Analysis
  • And more

In a training program, you will refine your skills under the supervision of other Certified Coaches, so that you can become the best version of yourself for your clients.

Learning these skills and becoming certified in them helps you establish your credibility and increase your confidence to help people.

#2. Establish Your Credibility

Being an expert in your clients’ eyes is important.

As clients search for a life coach, they look at a number of things:

  • Coaching philosophy
  • Prior experience in life and profession
  • Testimonials from prior clients
  • And more

If you’re not credible, your clients may have a hard time trusting that you can help them. This leads to them not choosing you as their coach.

The foundation of a great coach-client relationship is trust. You start earning that trust the moment your ideal clients discover you.

Establish your credibility as an expert life coach, and you’ll earn more clients.

#3. Advance Your Career

Life coaching is a growing field, and Certification can help you stand out from other coaches and advance your career.

This can lead to more opportunities for getting clients and attaining higher earnings.

Additionally, a Life Coach Certification can demonstrate your commitment to the profession and your dedication to providing quality services to your clients. This can increase your clients’ trust in your abilities and make them more likely to recommend you to others.

By becoming certified, you also gain access to ongoing training and development opportunities, which can help you stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and best practices in life coaching. This can further enhance your skills and abilities, making you a more effective coach.

Finally, being a certified life coach can open up new doors and opportunities in your career. For example, you may have the opportunity to work with larger organizations, provide training and workshops, or even write books and articles on life coaching. All of these opportunities can lead to further career advancement and success.

#4. Increased Earning Potential

Certified Life Coaches can command higher fees and have more opportunities for getting clients.

Certified Life Coaches are often able to command higher fees for their services, as their Certification demonstrates their expertise and experience.

Having a Certification can also increase your credibility and trust with potential clients, which can result in more business opportunities and a larger client base. As you build your reputation and your business grows, your earning potential as a life coach can increase.

Certifications are often associated with higher quality services, which can attract clients who are willing to pay more for a coach who they believe can help them achieve their goals.

#5. Networking Opportunities

A coaching Certification gets you more than an education and credibility; it helps you make connections with other coaches.

Why are these connections important?

These connections become your network and support system as you grow your coaching business.

Your relationships with other coaches will become invaluable to you.


You’ll gain referrals for your business, support system through challenges, and mentorship during growth.

#6. Professional Recognition

Life Coach Certification programs are typically recognized by professional organizations, which can help you gain visibility and credibility in the coaching industry.

Having a Certification from a reputable organization can demonstrate to clients and other industry professionals that you have met certain standards and criteria for knowledge and expertise in life coaching. This can increase your credibility and help you establish yourself as a trusted and professional life coach.

Many professional organizations offer additional benefits and resources for their members, such as access to continuing education, networking opportunities, and marketing support. This can help you grow your business and further develop your skills as a life coach.

Professional recognition can provide a sense of accomplishment and validation for your hard work and dedication to the field of life coaching. It can also demonstrate your commitment to your clients and to providing quality services.

#7. Invest in Your Personal Development

Your toughest coaching client will be…


A huge lesson you’ll learn while becoming a life coach is that you’ll always be coaching yourself, too.

This self coaching and development is crucial for you; it helps you become a better coach for your clients.


If you’re able to coach and grow yourself through your own thoughts, emotions, and actions, then you’ll be able to help clients.

This is also why investing in your own self development is so important.

Because as you grow, so do your clients.

If you’re not growing, personally, then you’re limiting your clients’ abilities to grow, too.

Become a Life Coach

Every coach who’s certified through The Life Coach School’s Coach Certification Program started off exactly where you are today—wanting to find their purpose, but scared things might not work out.

Now they’ve built a career, and life, that’s beyond their wildest dreams.

It’s time to take a chance on yourself and see what results you can create in your own life.

But what if it is possible...?