Negative thoughts are the “Doorway” to your bigger life

Negative thoughts can feel like predators chasing us through our own mind.

We feel anxious, afraid, and overwhelmed.

Maybe if we could change how we feel, we could change how we think.

Maybe if we could get rid of our negative emotions, we could live a full, happy life.

Here’s the truth:

When you try to reduce the number of negative thoughts you have, you reduce how much you’re living your life.

The bigger your goals, the more negative thoughts you’re going to have.

The bigger the life, the more negative thoughts you’re going to have.

We don’t want you to reduce the number of negative thoughts. That’s not it.

We want you to be able to allow the pain caused by the negative thoughts and then change the thoughts.

These negative thoughts are a never-ending story that you’re going to experience.

You will never eliminate your negative thinking, especially as you grow your life.

But here’s what you can do:

What to Do with Your Negative Thoughts

You don’t want to eliminate your negative thinking.

You want to get good at allowing pain to be there.

That is where true strength comes from, allowing the negative pain to be there, and then changing it if you are the one creating it, when you are the one creating it.

So many of us compound our pain by judging it and resisting it.

We think we shouldn’t be in pain.

We shouldn’t be doubtful. We shouldn’t be hating ourselves. We shouldn’t be judging ourselves.

We shouldn’t be feeling shame, insecurity, or nervousness.

We shouldn’t be anxious or heartbroken.

If you could drop all your shoulds, you would be free.

You’d be free to feel negative emotion.

You’d be free to walk this planet in the truth.

You could say to yourself:

“I am heartbroken, I am in shame, I am in self-doubt, I am in insecurity,” and then say, “Yes” to that part of your human experience,

One of the greatest parts of being human is experiencing a full range of emotions throughout your life.

Why You Don’t Want to Be Happy All The Time

Nobody wants to be happy all the time.

We tell ourselves the story that we want to be happy all the time, but then we have to be happy about horrible things.

And no one wants to be happy about horrible things.

We want to judge those things as horrible, but we don’t want to judge our emotions as horrible.

We want to judge our emotions as part of the human experience, but we must learn how to feel and allow those emotions to exist.

When you ignore your emotions, when you buffer your emotions, when you resist your emotions, you are resisting the very act of being a conscious human being.

You are escaping the experience of being alive.

If you are nervous about something, instead of allowing that vibration of nervousness to flow through your body, you eat, take drugs, or buffer in some way.

When you do this to your emotions, you’re missing out on what it means to be alive.

Why You Want to Feel Emotion

You are less alive when you buffer.

You are less yourself.

You are less vibrating or turned on by your life.

This doesn’t mean you judge yourself for buffering either.

But there’s a difference between drinking a cocktail that will solve for emotional pain and actually feeling the emotional pain vibrate through your body and releasing it.

If you keep thinking about the thought causing the negative emotion, the emotion will keep coming back in waves.

You think the thought. You feel the emotion. You think the thought. You feel the emotion.

But if you get good at this, if you get good at thinking the thought, feeling the emotion, letting it go, and understanding it, then you can always change the thought.

Do this enough and you can change your life permanently.

Many times, we don’t want to change our thoughts and that’s okay.

We want to be in grief, we want to be in pain, or we want to be in suffering because of something that’s happened in our life. We want to process that through and move to the other side of it.

When we don’t allow our feelings to go through us and expire, they compound and then surface in other areas of our lives.

When you avoid or ignore emotion, you are disconnected from yourself.

You use your emotions to connect with your body and your strength of consciousness.

You gain so much more access to your mind.

This is why it’s important to feel your emotions.

Live The Largest Life Possible

Your mind is what’s causing your emotions in the first place.

The goal is not to get rid of all negative thoughts.

The goal is not to be happy all the time.

The goal is not to be free of negative emotion.

The goal is to have as large of a life as you can possibly withstand.

When you understand how emotions work, you reduce half of the upset in your life.

When we stop suffering over our suffering, we only have half the suffering.

We have the appropriate amount of suffering of what it is to be alive, of what it means to be empathetic, to what it means to be human.

If you’ve never experienced a negative emotion, you’re not going to be able to connect to another human being.

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