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Do you struggle to take action?

You have dreams you want to turn into reality.

And you have ideas you want to bring to life.

You may have even tried to do both already, but…

For some reason, you can’t seem to take action consistently.

Something keeps “getting in the way.”

Then you ask yourself, “Why is it that I can’t get things done?”

And no answer arrives.

You take a break, try again, and fail.

Eventually, you give up and quit taking action altogether.


What leads to you not taking action anymore?

Your thoughts.

It sounds too simple to be true, but you’re about to learn one of the primary tools we teach in the Get Coached in Self Coaching Scholars program that changes lives.

The Model

One of the tools that we teach in the Get Coached program is called the Model.

It’s a tool Brooke Castillo created based on all of her teachers and mentors over the years.

The Model is heavily inspired by Byron Katie, Eckhardt Tolle, Abraham, and many of the forward thinkers of our generation.

Brooke decided to create The Model because, while she loved the work of her mentors and coaches over the years, she couldn’t find a daily practice that resonated.

So she decided to create the Model as a way to coach herself.

The basic premise of the model is that we can’t control the circumstances that occur outside of us. We can only control what’s on the inside.

How the Model gives you control is what’s unique.

We Can’t Control Our Circumstances

We can’t control other people.

We can’t control our past because it’s already done.

And we can’t control anything that happened out there in the world.

These are our circumstances.

And while circumstances are important, the Model focuses on what you can control:

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions

Controlling these leads to your results, which change your life.

We often forget that we cannot control our circumstances, the outside world.

We think that everything is either in our control or nothing is in our control. And it is never that way. It’s always that circumstances are not within our control, and everything else is in our control.

Circumstances are outside of us. And the world out there is not within our control

We control what’s inside.

Start with Your Thoughts

We think that our thoughts are not within our control.

In fact most of us don’t even know what we are thinking.

We are responding to thoughts, not creating them.

Why does this matter?

It matters because our thoughts are what create our feelings.

And everything you do in your life is because you want to feel a certain way.

If your thoughts create your feelings, and you want to feel a certain way, would it be important to know what you’re thinking?

The answer is yes.

The problem is that we’re never taught growing up that everything we want in life is because of a feeling–he feeling that you think you will have in getting something or the feeling you think you will avoid in not getting something.

So if feelings are the most important thing, don’t you think they should teach us that all of our feelings are caused by our thoughts?

Again, the answer is yes.

Maybe we should learn how to think on purpose, so we can create the feelings that we want.

The Model helps you think on purpose.

Your Thoughts Create Your Feelings

Our feelings are also important because they drive all of our actions.

They are the fuel for our actions.

So when you ask the questions:

  • “Why am I not taking action?”
  • “Why am I taking an action I don’t want to be taking?”
  • “Why am I taking an action that doesn’t help me?”

It’s because of the way you feel.

Your feelings drive your actions. And then, of course, your actions are always going to create the results you get in your life.

From thought to feeling to action.

Your Actions Create Your Results

Your thoughts, those sentences in your mind, are what create your feelings. Your feelings are what drive your actions. Your actions create your results.

This is a very clean and simple way of looking at the world.

Everything you may have learned in all the cognitive thought work that you’ll ever study shows this Model to be accurate.

Everything they teach you is about your thinking, and your thinking creating your feelings, and your feelings driving your actions, and your actions giving you your results.

This is why controlling your thoughts, feelings, and actions is so powerful.

The Model helps you do just that so you can change your life.

What Determines What We Think?

That is the next logical question.

If our thinking is driving everything, if it’s creating our feelings, if it’s creating our actions, if it’s creating our results, then we need to know what we’re thinking. And we also need to know how to change that thinking if we want a different result in our lives.

Most of us have never been taught to witness our own thinking. We’ve never been shown how to compassionately observe our own thoughts.

What does it mean to watch your mind think?

It requires you to separate yourself from your own mind.

Most of us don’t make that separation. We don’t even recognize that a separation is possible. So in order to go into “observer mode,” we have to separate ourselves from our mind in order to watch ourselves think.

This is what a lot of meditation is based on.

And even if you can’t sit and meditate for hours and hours, you can sit and watch your brain think. You can be in that space of recognizing your own thinking. Once you start doing that, once you start noticing what your own mind is thinking, you might be a little flabbergasted.

Because once you start watching your thoughts, you can then start connecting those thoughts to the feelings, actions, and results you no longer want.

Your mind is creating them, and it’s where all of your results start.

What if You Don’t Like What’s Inside Your Mind?

Once you start observing your own thoughts, you may find that you don’t like what you find there.

You want to change it all immediately.

This is pretty common for people once they start watching their thoughts. We start looking at our mind, we start being more conscious, and it’s amazing the number of negative thoughts we have.

We have around 60,000 thoughts per day.

And if you’ve never directed your mind or never told your mind what to think, it may be thinking old thoughts from childhood, or maybe on a negative spin cycle, thinking a lot of negative thoughts.

Our minds have been an unsupervised toddler, running rampant, its entire life.

Once you turn the light on in your mind, you may be tempted to turn it right back off. You’ll start to recognize how much pain you’re truly in. You’ll see how much negativity you’re creating in your own life. And you may not want to deal with it.

That’s totally fine. We get it. And you’re not alone.

But, avoiding or ignoring this newfound insight into yourself denies all of your power and ability to change it. Because you do have the power to change it.

If you try to make a change in your life without understanding the Model, it’s much more challenging to do so.

Here’s why:

Most of us try to make change from the action piece of our lives. That doesn’t work. We need to start with the thought that creates the feeling that drives the action and gets the result.

If you try and change your action without changing the thought or the feeling that’s driving the action, you’re going to struggle, because you’re working against the thought that creates the feeling that drives the action.

It’s like trying to drive a car with the emergency brake on. You can do it, but it’s not good for your car. The same goes for youl when you try to change your actions without first addressing your thoughts that create the actions you want to change.

This is why for so many of us change is frustrating. We try to change how much we are eating, exercising, or procrastinating without changing the thought and feeling that is driving that action.

When you can instead get a hold of why you are not doing something or why you are doing something, then it will reveal to you the thought and feeling combination that’s driving it.

How To Take Action and Change Your Life

When you change the thought and feeling, it’s much easier to change the action.

That’s why a lot of people will try and fail to quit smoking. Then, they get a diagnosis, and they quit cold turkey.

What’s changed?

The only thing that’s changed is their mind. They were told something that switched the thought away from being a chain smoker. This changed the feeling. That feeling created a different action. And, therefore, the ability to quit smoking became easier.

And that’s what the Model is all about. It’s about finding the cause of our habits and patterns. It helps reveal why we do what we do. When we discover that, change is so much easier.

If you’re struggling to take action, or are having trouble taking consistent action, then the Get Coached program is for you.

No more feeling frustrated, afraid, or overwhelmed to create the life you want to live.

Get Coached will help you find and change your thoughts so you feel confident and take action toward your biggest, best life.

But what if it is possible...?