Why you're missing out on the joy of life

If it doesn’t hurt when someone dies, you are missing the joy of them being alive.

Let me explain.

Let it hurt when it hurts.

Even though you’re the one causing it, don’t try to change that thought so quickly that you miss the opportunity to process the vibration all the way through.

Let the emotion be there. Allow it to be there when it’s there.

Now, if you’ve gone through the death of a loved one, or you’ve gone through an emotional breakup, or you’re having a fight with someone, yes, it’s appropriate for you to set some time aside for you to really go into the emotion that you need to, whether it’s crying, or just laying still for a while and vibrating and just letting it ache.

Let it ache.

A pure, clean release of emotion helps it vibrate all the way through.

You may feel exhausted on the other side of doing that, but it also feels cleansing.

The same is true when you feel anxious. It’s okay to baby yourself. It’s okay to feel anxious, afraid, or overwhelmed.

Allow it to be there.

Allow it to buzz.

Allow yourself to be this alive.

Don’t deaden yourself with food or alcohol or drugs or porn. Stay alive in the vibration. No emotion is ever going to harm you unless you allow it.

Suppressing Emotions Pushes Life Away

When we suppress our emotions, when we push them away, when we avoid them, when we buffer them, that’s when they become the biggest problems in our lives.

Emotions aren’t problems when they’re felt all the way through.

The path is through the emotion, not around it, over it, under it, or avoiding it.

There comes a time where you’ve allowed emotion, you’ve felt it, and you’ve accessed the thought causing it.

There comes a time where there’s a natural progression to change that thought.

So the thought can go from “this shouldn’t be happening,” to “this is happening, and that’s okay.”

Then you shift that from “this is happening” to “this is happening for me.”

But you won’t get to ”this is happening for me” until you go through the emotion. Until you go through the argument with reality, the grief of loss, or the pain of something not being the way you want it to be.

You cannot control the universe, and that can be painful.

But you can control your thoughts.

Pain Is Inevitable. Embrace It.

We are always going to be in pain.

We can’t control the universe.

We can’t make other people behave the way we want.

We can’t give them or wish their good fortune or success into reality.

It will be painful to watch people do things we don’t want them to do–to watch people hurt themselves when we don’t want them to.

This is life.

As Alan Watts said, “You see, for all life is an act of faith and an act of gamble… But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender.”

And if you know that you can handle the pain of being alive, you’re always going to take that risk.

You’re always going to be willing to go to the place where you can feel at the highest level of emotion–to be the most alive you can possibly be.

Celebrate That You’re Alive

So what do you do when feelings hurt?

You celebrate that you’re alive.

You allow those emotions to be there.

You process them and then you release them.

The better you get at processing your emotion, the better you get at life.

Feeling your feelings is one of the most influential things you can do.

Because when you’re willing to walk through the fire of the emotion that will be presented to you as a human being living your best life, you will see a world I think that you didn’t even know existed.

There is no emotion that can kill you as long as you’re willing to process it.

Because unfelt or ignored feelings fester.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What are the feelings that you haven’t processed through in your life?
  • Where is there pain that you need to allow to be released?
  • Where is there self-consciousness and doubt and frustration and anger that you’re holding in your body instead of processing it?

When you allow the process, when you allow the vibration, when you allow the emotions to go all the way through, on the other side of that is not only the release of the emotion but the strength that you achieve in knowing that you can do it.

Once you realize you can do it, You become willing to do it again and again and again, to live your life at the highest level.

Feel your feelings. Process them through. Allow there to be pain. Clean, pure, human processed pain.

Allow it to be there.

The goal is not happiness.

The goal is not freedom from pain.

The goal is the ability to process it through.

Feel your pain this week.

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