Abbe Kruger

: Coaching Partners Through Shifts in Gender and Sexuality

Expert Overview

I work with couples and partners once issues surrounding gender identity or sexuality enter the relationship. In general, cis and straight partners, and couples with differing gender identities, cannot find the support they need in the cis/heterosexual or LBGTQ+ communities as they do not fall neatly in either camp. The challenges that arise are particular and require knowledge of the complexities surrounding transition and sexuality as well as the ways in which cis and straight partners respond to these fundamental changes. Whether seeking support managing gender transition, reinventing their relationship, or leaving it behind, I empower each client to navigate a path forward.

Work with Me

I am committed to providing safe and supportive spaces for cis and straight partners and couples with diverse gender identities and sexuality. I work with partners and couples to help cultivate self-awareness, identify issues, and resolve conflicts with heightened sensitivity to their experiences and struggles. I offer the support and understanding that partners cannot usually find in the straight or LGBTQ+ communities. I am a former practicing attorney and CEO, trained in MBSR, and support cis, transgender, straight and gay partners.