Adriane Nichols

: Life Coach

Expert Overview

We are all trying to pursue and figure things out in the best way we know how. But sometimes we need new skills, we need another pair of eyes to help us break through our blind spots to really get what we want.

For years I went after my goals with varying degrees of success not always understanding why things worked or didn’t. I loved tactics, and books, and worked with many teachers. With coaching, I was finally able to see that the missing piece was understanding how my thinking influenced all of my results. Every single one.

I help women actively and effectively pursue what they want – not just dream about it. I love the blend of enjoying the current phase of life we are in and at the same time be reaching for and creating other goals that are totally outside of our current reality. It's so fun to create something you want, even if it currently seems scary or impossible!

Work with Me

Do you want your life to look different, but feel frustrated and unable to make the changes you dream of? Wonderful. If you are ready to learn and apply new tools to your life and goals, go to my website to schedule a consult.