Alicia Mullery

: Successful but Unhappy Female Millennial Coach

Expert Overview

From the outside your life is perfect. You have the great job, the beautiful family, the Instagram-worthy vacations. But you don't feel satisfied or fulfilled. You feel lost and uninspired. And then you pile on the guilt that why the heck are you not happy when you have so much?!

I've lived this cycle. I call it the "Golden Cage." You have so much in your life but it's slowly killing you.

The reason it's killing you is because you are trying to live up to other people's standards. You've been conditioned to be "the good girl" and seek external validation from everywhere, constantly.

But now that you recognize this, you've taken your first step to getting back in control of you life. I can help you take those steps to free yourself of the Golden Cage and help you feel empowered again but this time on your own terms.

Work with Me

If you always have a plan for life but suddenly it's not working and you aren't sure what to do.

If you've finally reached a milestone of success but it doesn't feel the way you thought it would.

If  you have always been a top performer but suddenly feel like the gold star isn't giving you the validation it used to.

If you realize that you need to break down a belief system that society has ingrained in you....

Let's talk.