Amanda Stark, Esq.

: Human Design Coach for Successful Women Who Are Unfulfilled

Expert Overview

I help successful women who feel unfulfilled reignite their passion and purpose in life using the lens and framework of Human Design. I teach you to follow your Human Design strategy so you can learn to listen to and trust your intuition. This will help you to determine when to make things happen and when to wait so you can avoid anger, resentment, frustration, and burnout.

Work with Me

On the outside it may look like you have it all, but on the inside you feel unfulfilled. You may be just going through the motions, or worse, dreading your days. When you learn to work with your Human Design instead of against it, you will:

- Get back the energy and drive you used to feel earlier in your career
- Feel excited about what you get to do each day
- Show up with purpose and passion
- End the day feeling vibrant and alive

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