Amelia Pleasant Kennedy

: Clutter Coach + Pro Organizer

Expert Overview

You are not your stuff. You are not your schedule. Your self-worth is inherent. It's not tied to what you own, nor is it tied to how productive you are.

I help women who are frazzled, busy, and overworked uncover the root cause of their current home + lifestyle behaviors.

With a keen ability to listen for what goes unsaid, I coach from a space of total curiosity and non-judgment so that you build a deep sense of self-trust and become a powerful decision maker in all areas of your life.

You'll uncover, explore, and begin to let go of standards + expectations around home life you didn't realize you were raised to believe.

Let's permanently change your relationship to clutter.
Take back control, one simple step at a time.

Topics I coach on include: emotional labor + the invisible load, motherhood, time management, moving/downsizing, inherited clutter, equitable division of household labor, nostalgic attachment to objects, and the myth of domestic perfection.

Certified Fair Play Facilitator.
Advanced Deep Dive Certified.
Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching.

Natl. Association of Productivity + Organizing Professionals
Natl. Association of Black Professional Organizers
Institute for Challenging Disorganization
Black Girls Who Organize

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