An Bourmanne

: Time Management for Hardworking Go-Getters in Corporate

Expert Overview

Engineer and Leadership Coach. Time management for hardworking go-getters, who worry too much about what others think. And who can't shake that feeling that there's so much potential in them that's not coming out right now.

Goal? You get what matters done - with a calm, confident, decisive focus. And without working harder, rushing or putting more pressure on yourself.

Real goal? You create a (work) life that's on fire - and has you jump out of bed in the morning - one intentional micro-choice + micro-change at a time. Doing your thing. Doing things your way.

So you get to show yourself (and the world) what you are truly capable of.

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Start with Procrastination INTERRUPT.

Because getting started is often the hardest thing - even when you are committed to do great work.

But it doesn't need to be.

Learn how to do what you said you were gonna do - even when you feel the urge to procrastinate or postpone, to overthink or overanalyze right here.

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