Ana Verzone

: Psychedelic and Altered States Integration Coach

Expert Overview

I help my clients courageously + compassionately explore their lives and truths to help create a life of no regrets.

My approach combines my 30+ years as a Buddhist practitioner, over 20 years in healthcare as a doctorally-prepared nurse and IFS + nature-based trauma therapist, and my extensive training in psychedelic-assisted therapy, integrative psychiatry and integration coaching.

My philosophy is “free your mind so you can free your life.”

I help you do this with individually-tailored programs that utilize altered states, entheogens, adventure and connection with nature, somatic experiences, as well as applying practical Buddhist teachings and various psychological and coaching theories to everyday life.

Does this mean you have to be Buddhist or “use drugs?” Not at all;)

But it does mean you’re open to exploring your consciousness in new and unique ways with a skilled guide, learning mindfulness + awareness skills, cultivating a new relationship with the natural world, and getting curious about how to incorporate the latest research and techniques from trauma-informed approaches, somatic experiencing, Buddhist psychology, and more into your daily life.

Using this unique blend of ancient and modern wisdom, I help you cultivate the self-compassion, inherent wisdom, clarity, and courage to live an authentic life with no regrets.

I am a biracial coach (Filipinx and Swiss) committed to social justice, inclusion, equity and diversity. I create safe spaces for my clients to heal individually and together in community.

Work with Me

CLICK HERE to schedule a free strategy session with me. I will help you get more clear about which approach might be of most benefit for your particular needs, and where to focus your time and energy for this next chapter of your "one wild and precious life." Some reasons people seek out the type of coaching I offer are to (finally!) gain clarity about their Soul Purpose, explore deeper levels of their consciousness, and open their hearts to themselves and others to be able to live more authentically and in integrity. There are other reasons too, so don't worry if I didn't mention it here. Surprise me;)

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