Andrea Dow

: Weight Neutral Body Image Coach

Expert Overview

I work with moms to help them finally make peace with food and their bodies.  I help them unlearn the rules that diet culture has been teaching them since birth and help them create a new life without rules, without shame and without guilt.  I help women understand the truth about health and size and help them discover that the real danger to health is repeated dieting. I'm passionate about helping moms end the chronic diet cycle so that they don't pass on  harmful, unrealistic habits to their children and grandchildren.

When the women I work with let go of dieting, they often discover that the root of their desire to diet is really an attempt at controlling an anxious mind. Through coaching, I will help you figure out how to approach anxiety through self compassion, kindness and thought work. The temptation to try another diet will diminish along with your binges because you will learn how to properly nourish your body and mind.

Together we will create a life that is filled with more time, money and energy because participating in dieting is one of life's greatest distractions and steals months, years and decades of your life. It's time to take back your mind and your life. Your body is not a problem to be fixed. You are lovable and worthy in the body you have right now!

Work with Me

I work with clients 1 to 1 and also offer a group program three times during the year. To help busy moms, I've also created two online programs that can be purchased at any time: one is my online yoga program called MindBody YogaFlow and the other is a comprehensive guide to end dieting and body hatred for good called Peace Out Diets!