Anna Javellana

: Work Health Life Balance Coach

Expert Overview

Property managers are busy. If you want to make it in this business, you must be “on” all the time. So, how do you make time for yourself?

Years ago, I handled the demands of this high-paced industry by “over-doing” it.


Thankfully… I learned how to “get over” it all so I could create a life I truly enjoyed.

Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a Work – Health – Life Balance Coach. I help busy property managers who are “over it” reclaim authority and balance in their life. I work with high-achieving real estate managers who struggle to balance their health with the demands of a face-paced career.

This is for women who do all the things.. except the things they need to do for themselves.

You can balance it all. I am here to show you the tools you need, teach you how to use them so you can step into the best version of yourself. By transforming yourself, you transform your life. Let me show you how.

Work with Me

I work with clients privately one-on-one. This is the best way to uncover your roadblocks, get down to the true root of the problem and create the path to success. My program helps you dig deep so you can dig out. It’s hard work – but we have fun doing it!

Spaces are limited – check my schedule to book your free deep dive consultation today.

Together, you’ll learn how to stop hopping on and off the “healthy train.” You’ll learn how to balance your own needs alongside the needs of your family, career and friends. You’ll find ways to enjoy your hobbies without guilt. You’ll finally create a life you love.

Listen, I know how difficult it can be to put yourself first. Take a chance on yourself and discover how you can tame the busyness so you can take back your power.  

Sound good?

Let’s do this.