Barbara Childs, RN MSN MBA

: Certified Life Coach Specializing in How To Be Comfortable With Uncertainty and Working Through Chaos To Order

Expert Overview

I am a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School specializing in The Art of Balancing
Chaos & Order and how to be comfortable with uncertainty when it happens to you and you just
don't know how to handle it!

You must confront chaos and make it back into order. Otherwise, Your life becomes unbearable.

Chaos is unexplored territory, it's the feeling we know as anxiety and fear. It's the things
and situations we don't understand.

Order is explored territory, the things you know. It's stability and structure, your plan for the next day.
It's also the comfort of tradition, the customs we use to treat each other.

Yet, it can also mean personal stasis and a lack of growth in us. We like being in order.
What we don't like is when we are forced to leave order for chaos.

I'm here to help you find a vision for yourself, envision your possibilities for your future
and to help you develop your own sense of self. During uncertainty you can be a force for good
in the world! Your focus is sharp and clear when you are forced to make decisions in an instant
concerning yourself or your family.

I had to figure out myself how to move from chaos to order in an instant.
I had to figure it out, not just for me, but for my family.
Like when my three year old was diagnosed with leukemia and I was given three hours to pack a bag
and get back to the hospital for the Flight For Life ride to UCLA from Las Vegas knowing I was leaving
behind my three other children.

When I was only 12 years old and I had not only anxiety, but extreme fear when my family was
told we were evacuating from the American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon because of the 1967
Arab-Israeli war. We had only two hours to pack a bag and get to the American University of Beirut
where we would be assigned a flight and no one knew where we were flying to.

Life is amazing, scary, and wonderful. You have to enjoy the ride!

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My Mission As Your Coach
I Promise To Honor The Spaces Between And Within You And Your Humanness.
This Is A Non-Shaming, Non-Judgmental Space Where You Can Be Your "Beautiful Mess"
Without Rejection Or Criticism And With Your Willingness To Show Up As Yourself Without Masking.
This Is Your Place To Be Taken Seriously.
Grant Yourself Permission To Have Differences, Unique Needs, And Complex Feelings.
I Am Your Coach...
I Cannot Wait To Coach You!