Brett Nikula

: A Conflict to Connection Relationship Coach

Expert Overview

Healthy Relationships don't just happen, we must create them. We help you use the distance, disconnect, and conflict in your life as a growth opportunity. Let's create healthy communication and strong connections.

You can love your life and your relationships.

Humans are made for connection. It can bring so much pain when we don't know how to get the connection we desire, and you're left feeling like you need and want more from your relationship.

All relationships experience times of distance, disconnect and conflict. For most, the coping strategy is to ride that wave, and wait for things to feel good again. They never address the root cause, or truly understand the emotional experience of each individual. Without taking a proactive approach and seeking the help of a coach, these relationships often go through life riding the highs and lows without the crucial communication and relationship skills that bring connection, satisfaction, and happiness. Happy couples and relationships experts know this: healthy relationships don’t just happen. Like anything else worth having, we must be intentional and create them. The good news is, it's not too late. Now’s the time to get started.

Healing hard relationships is both my passion and a privilege. I provide coaching for real relationships with real problems just like yours. So many struggles are tied to our past experiences in relationships. Navigating through these things allows us to have a more connected life and experience fewer symptoms of relationship unhealth. No one taught you the skills you need to work through these things and have successful relationships, so that's where I come in.

At Pivotal Approach, I help couples and individuals that are experiencing dysfunction in their life. They are stuck feeling disconnected in their relationships and don’t know how to get that feeling of connection back. It can be challenging to find support when it feels too personal to go to friends or family. This is when seeking coaching help is the best option!

I serve people who think therapy cannot possibly work for them because either they’ve tried it before and it didn’t work, or they believe their pain is too deep, their problems are too big, and their patterns are too fixed.

I also help relationships between family members, friends and the relationship with yourself. The techniques I use for success in my work can be easily modified and used in any relationship and many mental health struggles.

Not all coaches are created equal and I have specialized training that uses evidence-based techniques from both the coaching and the therapy industries that are proven to work. People experience higher levels of happiness and feel more managed in their life after working with Pivotal Approach.

Don’t stay stuck. Many couples and individuals put off seeking help and think they will handle their challenges on their own, only to find that little actually changes. So many clients tell me they wish they would have taken action sooner, since our sessions together make them more confident, secure, and satisfied in their life.

Get the support you deserve, so you can get the life you long for. I can guide you through the pain your life is causing with effective, confidential sessions. Sign up for a free consultation where I can learn a little more about you and show you how I can help.

Work with Me

Most couples are spending tons of energy trying to manage each other and it just isn't working. Often they're left feeling tired, resentful, lonely, burnt out, and on the verge of giving up. My approach teaches couples how they can truly change the relationship. I teach them how to reach the feeling of love and closeness they want. How to foster intimacy and connection. In a free 20 minute mini session I can show you a the tools that will help you understand your conflict and how to begin to resolve it.