Brianna Bridges

: Life Coach & Environment Curator

Expert Overview

I'm a Life Coach who believes in transforming my clients' lives both inside and out, with a 360 lens on what's working in their lives, and what's not - from their mindset to their physical environment.

I know how critical the mind is in forming the results in our lives - and that's at the heart of what I do in my coaching. But I also know that sometimes a good decor refresh or clutter clear-out party can do wonders for our energy.

Think of me as your one-woman Queer Eye team, giving you the cosmetic fixes you're looking for, with the deep inner work you need.

Work with Me

Click here or email me to schedule a free consultation to see how my signature Coaching + Environment Curation Package combining deep mindset work with tangible lifestyle shifts can feel around you can give you a 360 degree transformation in your life.