Bruna Galobardes MD, PhD

: Weight Loss for Women over 45

Expert Overview

I help women over 45 lose weight permanently.

If you think going through the menopausal transition or getting older inevitably mean weight gain, you are in for a treat.

I can help you whether this is the first time you experience weight issues or if you have struggled with weight throughout your life.

Work with Me

My coaching programme has three components:

1.Establish healthy food habits that work with your biology: I am a doctor and a scientist, and I will always recommend habits that enhance your health.

2.Learn cognitive management: here is where we will solve emotional eating and everything else that will come up once you stop using food as a distraction. This is likely to be very new for you and I am sure you will find it fascinating. You will be using these new skills in many areas of your life.

3.Weight maintenance: we will end by bringing it all together and make sure you are equipped to maintain the new weight.

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I coach in English, Spanish and Catalan.