Carla Moats, CPA

: Emotional Eating and Weight Loss Coach for Executive Women

Expert Overview

I help high achieving executive women end years of dieting and weight loss struggle and finally find their healthy weight by ending their emotional eating.

Diets don’t work. Getting to the root cause of your overeating and healing your relationship with food and your body goes.

- Ditch the calorie counting and other diet rules
- Eat foods you actually want to eat
- Tune into the world’s best calorie counter: your body
- Learn the skills need to end your emotional eating
- Apply coaching tools to manage urges and improve your relationship with food and your body

I spent years eating my emotions, related to the stress of my fast-paced job in corporate finance and trying to balance it with single parenting. It culminated in my early 50's when I was at my highest weight ever and found myself with multiple medical issues. I knew time was running out to finally figure it out, so that I could be around for my family for years and live the active second half of life I deserved.

I lost over 40 lbs and got off my type 2 diabetes meds when I finally ditched the diet nonsense and focused on the reasons I was overeating. Weight loss naturally and simply happens when you deal with the reasons you overeat.

I love helping women who have achieved career, financial, and personal success, but have never been able to lose weight for good, make peace with food, get to the root cause of their overeating, and finally find their healthy weight.

In addition to being certified by The Life Coach School, I hold an Advanced Weightloss Coaching Certification from Corinne Crabtree’s No BS Weight Loss University.

Work with Me

In my 1-on-1 coaching program, I work with a select group of high achieving executive women who are ready to find the same success with weight loss as they have in other areas of their life, all without diet nonsense and in a way that can be sustained for life.

You’ll learn …

  • 5 skills needed to end emotional eating so you can quit overeating and lose weight naturally
  • 4 simple habits that give you freedom from counting, restrictive meal plans, and other diet nonsense
  • How to leave behind years of diet thinking and create a new lifestyle that you’ll actually be able to sustain and that you’ll enjoy
  • How your brain works and how to use it to unlearn undesirable habits or behaviors and start building new ones
  • How to tame your inner mean girl and negative self chatter and replace it with one that’s your new best friend

We do all of this in weekly sessions and in our Slack community, where you’ll have access to written coaching between sessions and to participate in optional group events.

Get started by clicking here to get your free guide to the 5 skills needed to end emotional eating.