Carolina V. Gambrel

: Career Coach

Expert Overview

You know how some women realize their career is no longer right for them? Well, I help them take that next step to find a clear path forward.

In a world where women often feel lost in their career transitions, I bring more than guidance — I bring a unique strategy that sets me apart - I help you actually follow through!

When you can get out of your way and believe in new things - it sets the foundation for the career you want to create!

I offer support and accountability so that you can get through all the hairy, scary parts.

My clients experience confidence to know that they have what it takes to create their career story and relief that they don't have to do it all on their own.

Work with Me

If my coaching philosophy aligns, this is how you can work with me:

1:1 Private Coaching

- Get coaching & workshop sessions that are customized to your specific goals & obstacles.

- Get love, support & feedback from me.

Ready to stop looking back and start creating your new possibilities?

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