Cecelia Baum Mandryk

: Habit Coach

Expert Overview

There might be a way for you to have a calmer brain, more supportive habits, and the life of your dreams.

The key? Working with your brain and nervous system.

Almost everything you do is a habit- from your morning routine to afternoon scrolling to the evening wine and wind-down.

If you’ve tried using habit stacking, willpower, or shame to change those habits, you know how hard it can be.

There’s a different option.

Build awareness of your current habits, thoughts, and nervous system patterns.
Accept them.
Move forward intentionally.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn when we work together.

How to make changes from a place of ease and even compassion using mindset and mindfulness tools.

The real benefit to you is that you’ll feel better day to day- think calmer, more confident, and more present- you’ll get more of what you really want to accomplish accomplished, and you’ll have time and energy for what’s most important to you.

Because living an amazing life and feeling amazing in that life is what you want, right?

Work with Me

Ready to work together? Read on to find the way that feels best for you.

The Calm(er) Brain Club
Inside this monthly subscription, you get personalized support as you take DIY self development to the next level with weekly group coaching calls and sessions to support your nervous system. Stop DIY-ing this work and finally get the support to help you make the progress you want to make.

Join this group and start making changes today.

The Calm Brain Collective
This high touch, small group container is where you build your personalized foundation for the next chapter of your life, you gain the ability to identify priorities and set appropriate boundaries that will allow you to meet those priorities, and transition your self-concept and identity from where you are to where you want to be.

This group opens quarterly.

Calm brain (1:1) coaching

In this container, it’s team you and me and together, we’re unstoppable.

You’re looking for a personalized coaching experience- one where we work closely together to rewire your brain and reregulate your nervous system. This is it.

I only take a few 1:1 clients each year.