Celine Leclef

: Certified Life Coach

Expert Overview

I work with ambitious professionals & parents who seek meaningful satisfaction in their CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS and BEST-FIT lifestyle.

We are capable of so much more than we think. And simple shifts in our thinking can make life extraordinary. That’s the beauty of coaching.
If you’re like my clients, you have a great life and a full plate. Yet there’s something more you want to accomplish, experience, and create.

I’m here to speed up your growth and make the inner work more fun.

To help you let go of old definitions of who you are, what you “should” do, and what you “could never,” so you can realize the most satisfying and meaningful possibilities for your life.

Let’s make sure your efforts add up to meaningful satisfaction in your career, relationships, and everyday life you REALLY want.

Work with Me

I coach 1 to 1 where our work is tailored to your present and future needs and desires.

Coaching with me is a space, a time and a relationship to figure out which small or big moves are best for you, turn down the volume on stress and self-doubt, and be supported in taking action so that you see real change in the way you feel about yourself — and that changes everything.

Curious to explore the possibilities you’re not seeing? Book a free call with me here, and let’s take a quick look at what’s really getting in your way.