Cheryl Clowers

: FOGO Coach

Expert Overview

Did you know that a 2014 survey 0f 2088 participants 18 and older found that 87 percent had at least one fear about getting older!  It is so common that it's earned its own acronym. FOGO  (fear of growing old)

I believe that our best years are in the second half of life.  This part of  life is where you can make your most meaningful contribution.

Your years of experience in the University of Hard Knocks are SO valuable!  Don't sell yourself short if you're in or past mid-life.  You know things that the youngins don't know!  You have seen things the youngins haven't seen!  You've experienced things that they have not experienced!

In the first part of your life you honed in on your skills.  You gained wisdom.  You made bad decisions and learned from them.  You even built a very large network!  The second part of life is where you can build your most meaningful can have the best sex life you've ever had!

You are not washed up or invisible.  You are just beginning!  Don't be afraid and hide behind the younger generation!

Work with Me

I work privately with women who are afraid of getting older.  Are you afraid of the changes that are happening to your body?  Are you afraid of not being attractive to your spouse? Are you afraid of becoming invisible in a world that defines beauty as youthfulness?

Believe me - I've felt those fears! I can say without a doubt that they are now in my past.  Work with me and together we will put FOGO behind you!  A life without fear will move you into the best season of your entire life!