Claudia Sidoli

: The Mindset Coach for Sustainable Weightloss

Expert Overview

I help women just like you lose weight for good without sacrificing their lifestyle and enjoyment for food.

My approach is totally different; I combine Mindset, Lifestyle and Nutrition coaching to offer a program that IS the foundation to sustainable weight loss.

I don't believe losing weight should be hard and miserable, its what you have dreamt of all your life and you have spent years with the emotional burden of food and trying to fight your way to the physical results you desire.

I believe when you understand the cause of your overeating and start creating a life you want to live in a body you feel confident in the physical results just keep coming.

In theory it sounds simple, but its not easy like anything that we want most, which is why I structure the program to provide 1-1 24/7 support, so that I am there to help you through all seasons of your life, the good and the more challenging.  I help you find YOUR way.

This isn't a cookie cutter approach.

This is the way you will lose weight for good this time and have a lot of fun doing it!

Work with Me

I know you have tried many diets before and are doubting yourself that it is possible for you.

But I want you to know you can end the emotional burden and struggle with your weight and food.

I believe in you, so can we start there?

I know you can lose weight for good, because I did, I always thought it would never be possible for me…..until it was.

So much so I have created a 30 day Weight Loss starter pack for you, for FREE.  Sign up on my website here to receive your pack and start losing weight today.

I’m also here to chat with you about your goals and struggles, because I care about you, and want to show you how you can move forward with your weight loss journey. Book a FREE 45 minute strategy session with me here.

I can't wait to chat with you!