Cookie Rosenblum, MA

: Master Weight Loss Coach

Expert Overview

To lose weight, you need to first figure out why you are overeating.  Your goal is to not just lose the weight, but to lose the whole problem.  To do this, I will show you how to eat like a natural eater, not someone who is on a diet.  You will learn to manage your mind, so you understand where your emotions come from and don't run to food to feel better. And you'll learn how to take amazing care of yourself, so food is no longer your main comfort.

Work with Me

I teach women how to end emotional eating, stop habitual overeating, and lose any extra weight they have.  I do this through my Eat, Think and Love program.  We work together in The Freedom Group, an affordable monthly membership with a forum, coaching calls and tons of support.  The transformations are amazing.  Join us!