Crystal Agyei MD, MBA

: Coach for BIPOC & Equity Centered Business Coach-sultant

Expert Overview

My coaching philosophy is centered in my values: Deliberate Growth, Integrity, Compassion, Joy & DEAI

I believe in self-determination and no one should be rushed into a decision or thought that feels inauthentic or out of integrity.

I always strive to center the client's experience and aim to walk their path along side of them - not above.

My ultimately goal is to dismantle white supremacy, heal oppression and liberate minds through one question, one thought at time.

Work with Me

I work 1:1 with BIPOC as a general life coach to help create more peace and fulfillment in their lives. My 1:1 container is weekly calls for 6 months. I also work with BIPOC & White Ally entrepreneurs who want to build anti-facade, anti-racist, equity centered businesses. Length of container is customized depending on stage of business. Book a free consultation call with me to learn more.