Deana Imhoff

: Life Coach for Women in Agriculture

Expert Overview

I work with women in agriculture who are overwhelmed and want to have more peace and productivity in their daily lives.

Work with Me

If you are a woman living or working in the Agriculture Industry then I am the coach for you. As women who are involved in farming or ranching we have to wear many hats on a daily basis. We live in a world wear self-care is a foreign concept and feelings often have to be suppressed to get through things we often have to deal with when raising livestock.

We Overwork

We people please.

And much of the time we are alone.

Our bodies break down and we lose ourselves along the way.

We are strong and determined.

Our lives revolve around our faith, our families and our farms.

I offer the amazing women Ag, who do all the things, a way to find a healthy balance and reclaim a control over their own lives.

I teach a specific set of tools to help you get past the overwhelm, frustration and stress and help you show up as your best self on a daily basis.