Debbie Sassen

: Money & Life Coach for Midlife Women

Expert Overview

I help midlife women in business make more money and build wealth, without burning out or sacrificing their families.

Too many women (and a few men) never learned how to understand money, earn abundantly, and manage their finances to build wealth. They feel belittled and diminished by professionals in the financial industry.

It's time we changed that narrative! No woman should have to dim her light and brilliance to create wealth for herself and her family. When we own our wealth and take responsibility for it, we give other people permission to shine their brilliance brightly, too.

Work with Me

You know in your bones the work you are here to do. You want to grow a fabulously successful business. YOUR way. Without the hustle. So you can fulfill your dream of building wealth and creating financial freedom. So you can give back more and make a bigger difference in the world.

My coaching is tailored to you, your business and your money. I don’t have a cookie cutter. I meet you where you are. And guide you to where you want to go. It’s that simple. No extras. No fluff. You focus on your business and build wealth.

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