Debbie Shadid

: A-Line & "How to" Business Coaching for Female Coaches

Expert Overview


We will be your guide. In the Business Building Boutique Coaching Experience will tell you what to do and then show you how to do it as you follow our proven, simple step-by-step process.

We’re all about taking consistent, productive action. We go straight for the A-LINE to get you moving. We firmly believe that marketing is the only path to clients, and most coaches don’t know how to market.

You’ve been told to tell people you’re a coach, but you don’t know what to say. You’re unsure about your niche, offer, and price, and you’re terrible at the tech.

You have no idea where to find clients, and social media is not your strong suit.

In the Business Building Boutique, we tell you what to do, teach you how, and then show you step-by-step how to take the necessary action steps to build and then grow a profitable coaching business.

Our brilliant Business Mindset and Client Success Coach joins me for every small group session. She dives in and helps you get your mindset right so you don’t stay stuck when I give you the very specific answers to move your business forward and tell you the next steps with answers to all of your questions.

Our Coach Experience checks all of the boxes.

We answer your questions, give you honest feedback, and show you how to do it. We provide tons of shortcut templates, Canva graphics, and guides, saving you thousands of dollars in Branding and Copywriting. We share all of our marketing materials, emails, and everything we have used to grow our business and show you how to make them yours!

Work with Me

Learn about our signature coaching experience:
The Business Building Boutique for Coaches.

Learn everything you need to know to make a comfortable, confident decision when you come for a Sneak Peek of the Business Building Boutique. This is NOT a sales consult. It’s a “show and tell” where we share prices, times, and dates and give you Complementary Business Coaching and Guidance. Plus, we share the specifics about the two levels of support we can offer you in our FAST TRACK or VIP Coaching Experiences.

This is where the magic happens.

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