Denee Choice, MD

: Executive and Life Coach for Mid-Life Women

Expert Overview

I help high achieving women navigate all the career, relationship and health challenges and opportunities of midlife so that they can fully enjoy the life they have worked so hard to achieve without overworking, over stressing or burning out.


Work with Me

Are you trying to balance a busy career with an equally busy family life, and feel like you’re failing at both sometimes?

Do you feel like you’d be on top of everything if you just had two more hours in the day?

Are you starting to wonder if this is what you signed up for?  That it should be easier by now?

Do you feel like you’re doing it wrong?

If you are tired of overworking, overthinking, over-stressing and just want to start enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve - I can help!

You can find more information on my coaching programs HERE