Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, MD

: ADHD Life Coach for Physicians and Medical Students

Expert Overview

Time is the most valuable asset we have.

When you keep arguing for your limitations, you my friend get to keep those.

My coaching philosophy is: I call out bullsh*t on your limitations because I see your TRUE potential.

Work with Me

Are you a physician who has ADHD or chronic procrastination and time-blindness tendencies and ready to LEAVE WORK AT WORK?

Have you been on the overwhelmed hamster wheel too long that you are feeling tired of being tired?

I am a family medicine physician who practices in rural Texas both the clinic and hospital settings and I am on a mission to help physicians and medical students create systems that support their zone of genius to unlock the freedom of time.

Two years ago, prior to discovering life coaching and ADHD coaching I would have hourly conversations with myself, "Diana, what is WRONG with you, why are you soo slow, why cant you keep up with everyone else?" I did not realize how powerful questions can be---the right question--what cause to question all the status-quo.   It was not until some asked me, "What are you doing RIGHT?  I had to unlearn some limiting beliefs and to realize that there was nothing wrong with my ADHD Brain--its was just different---the more I learn about it--the more I could support it.  So let me the first one to tell you THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.  However, if you are feeling like something gotta give--I will show you where you are NOT protecting your energy which is depleting your executive function and we will work together to facilitate the tools that will prevent premature crashing or burnout.  I was someone who had 200 charts open and a graveyard of unfinished projects--but all that changed when I decided to see ADHD as a beautiful gift that I had to learn how to unwrap.  Listen, I am an example of what is possible and YOU can be too.

Lets DO it together, this more important than any BOARD EXAM--this YOUR LIFE---I will be beside you as you up your simple systems that allow you be the CEO of your TIME .

Life is too short to spend it charting or living out everyone else's dreams but YOUR OWN.

What are you waiting for? Get your butt in here, I invite you to JOIN my the amazing physician group coaching program that comes with CME today.  Click here Te espero!!!!!