Diana Paez Ortiz

: Stop Binge Eating Coach for Women

Expert Overview

I help highly educated women to stop binge eating by learning how to eat like a normal person.

Whether you binge eat once a week or every day, learning how to eat like a normal person is the only sustainable way to stop binge eating and to stop feeling out of control with food.

Right now, you believe that you binge eat because

  • You lack will power
  • You lack discipline
  • You just can’t control yourself around food

There is another explanation.

You binge eat for one simple reason.

You over restrict on food, and this causes a biological & psychological response in your body to binge eat.

Due to societal norms and diet culture, you have been conditioned to ignore your body’s need for food and to try and make it as small as possible so you can confirm to society’s unrealistic body ideals.  You have become so far removed that you don’t even know how to eat any more, feeling frustrated, exhausted, and ashamed.

This is where I can help. I can take you step by step to unlearn all of the above and relearn the wisdom that your body and your mind has had all along. You can finally stop binge eating and eat like a normal person.

Work with Me

In my coaching program I will teach how to

  • How to listen to your body’s hunger and satiety cues (your body has all the wisdom to tell you when you are hungry and when you have had enough to eat)
  • How to stop labelling food as “good” and “bad” increasing your desire for food.
  • How to manage your mind and let go of toxic diet culture

And so much more

Doing this work I promise you will stop binge eating so you can finally eat like a normal person.

I know you can do it because it’s already true for me. All you need to believe right now is that

“This is possible for me too”

To learn more about how to stop binge eating and finally eat like a normal person, book in to have a FREE consultation with me by clicking HERE.