Dr. Alissa Esposito

: Perfectionism Coach

Expert Overview

I help women overcome their perfectionism so that they can make their dream life happen.

Creating your dream life, and achieving big goals can be frustrating without first addressing the underlying perfectionism holding you back by keeping you stuck, frustrated, paralyzed in indecision and playing small.  You were not born a perfectionist. It's an identity and a patterned way of thinking that you have adopted. This is great news because it means we can change this.


Work with Me

My program called The Prescription For Perfectionism is a 6 week online course with group coaching, designed to get you aware of your perfectionism programming and to develop awareness and tools to help you overcome that perfectionism that is causing you misery.

Once you have developed the skills to overcome your perfectionism, we move on to work on your extraordinary goals to make your dream life happen.

If you are ready to shed that perfectionism idenity and step into a new happier, make it happen kind of energy, I'm the coach for you.