Dr. Faryal Michaud

: Living Intentionally Coach

Expert Overview

Life is truly short. As a palliative care physician, caring for seriously ill patients, I have noticed that all we really want at the end is more time.

I also realize that when we do have time, we are either lamenting our past mistakes or worrying about an unknown future.  Essentially, we are wasting precious time that we do have now, simply because we are unaware of ways to be in the moment. Learning to love your life and accepting what is, will add so much depth and peace to your life. So much that when your end comes, you know that you have spent your time exactly how you intended it.

We can't separate ourselves from constant judgment and to-do lists.

So much focus on "doing", not enough focus on "being". Except that, we are human beings, not human doings.

We don't realize that every single day we are robbing ourselves the joy of living in this very moment. As a mindfulness teacher, I know that what matters above all is the awareness and acceptance of this very moment. It was not until learning the tools of The Life Coach School, that I found a way to communicate this wisdom to patients and clients alike.

I want to help you live your most intentional life. I offer a program that focuses on living in the moment. By offering ways to help you live your most authentic self, I help you create the live that you were meant to live.

With live yoga with certified teachers, mindfulness teachers and ongoing live group coaching, we will address all issues of your life that seem to be directed more to the here and now, to create the best version of you.

Grass is greener where you water it. Let me help you create your most intentional life with self compassion, love and awareness.

Work with Me

It is my pleasure to guide you to live your best life starting today. I help women physicians focus on what matters most in a supportive group environment. We will tackle all that keep you feel stuck and overwhelmed, to create a clear vision of the life you want to be living today.

I offer a six month group coaching program that is on a rolling admission. The program offers weekly live yoga and meditation classes by certified teachers.

As a palliative care physician, it is also my honor to offer one on one coaching for people with serious or terminal illness. You may join me in these sessions alone or include family members who would like to be there with you.

Feel free to listen to my popular podcast discussing what it means to live your best life every single day called "Write Your Last Chapter".

Please learn more about all the opportunities to work with me on my website.