Dr. Nikki Neretin

: Worry, Overwhelm and Anxiety Parenting Coach

Expert Overview

I help moms who are worried, anxious and overwhelmed stop yelling at their kids so that they can have a fun, safe, peaceful, and connected family life. Overly worrying creates a fearful life that stops us from going after our big hopes and dreams and weakens our connections ultimately recreating the same results for our children.

When we are overly anxious and worried our children get the message that the world is unsafe and that they can't be trusted to navigate it leaving them feeling insecure and incapable. Our worry, anxiety and overwhelm makes our children take the responsibility of managing our emotions, a job they did not agree upon, leaving little room for their struggles which they ultimately won't want to share with us. This creates more danger and uncertainty because they will look for other, often unsafe, outlets to work on their hard feelings and find relief. The best way to help our children not repeat parental worry, anxiety and overwhelm and stay connected and safe is for us parents to become so good at managing how we react and respond to difficult situations and become a role model in living a fun, safe, connected and peaceful life.

Work with Me

My quick and easy stop worrying boot-camp and coaching program will teach you to:

1) Slow down and really listen so you can stop reacting and start responding.
2) Build awareness around your feelings so you can handle any emotion and aren't rattled or overly worried.
3) Create a strong foundation so you can be resilient and bounce back quickly
4) Have more fun than you ever thought possible!
5) Have a strong connected relationship with your children full of fun and loving experiences.

If this resonates with you give me a shout out at:
[email protected]

or set up a 1:1 consultation/discovery call to have an individualized plan laid out or work together.