Edda Roemelt, RD

: Food Freedom and Body Image Coach

Expert Overview

I help you learn how to finally feel better around food so you can eat without worry, guilt or shame.

Not only is it possible to stop losing control and feeling terrible when you eat, but you can actually enjoy the foods you love while feeling free, confident and at ease. Are you ready to feel amazing?

Work with Me

Click Here to learn How to Feel Better Around Food in Three Simple Steps

If years of dieting, counting calories, despising your body, and endless self-judgment has left you feeling worn out and full of shame, then it's time to start healing your relationship with food and your body.

Life doesn’t have to revolve around the scale. My weight inclusive approach helps you improve your body image, discover the reasons you're still struggling with food, and teaches you the tools you need to handle every situation with food – like cravings, urges, emotional eating, and the binge/restrict cycle.

Feeling better around food is not only possible, it’s waiting for you.