Eleni Economides LMFT, CST

: Libido Coach, Sex and Intimacy Coach

Expert Overview

What happens when you combine a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Sex Therapist and a LCS Certified Life Coach? You get coaching, guidance and information that is evidence based and top notch!

I work with women who are high achieving and successful at work and at home but struggle in the bedroom. If you experience stress around sex and have lost interest in having it, I am you gal!

If you want to stop worrying about the future of your relationship and start enjoying sex and intimacy with your partner again, let me show you what the missing ingredients are, so you can finally relax around your partner, experience a deeper connection with them and bring passion back to your relationship.

Work with Me

You should work with me if you want to:

-Relax in your own space and not worry that your partner will ask for sex if he/she thinks you are not too "busy".

-Feel at ease in the presence of your partner if your skin is showing, and not hide your body to avoid his/her attention.

-Be present in the moment and free to show your love and affection for him/her instead of holding back out of fear that you will send the wrong message and he/she will take it as a sign that you are in the "mood".

-Learn to say "no" from a place of love that leaves you feeling connected, without resentment, guilt or blame.

-Stop looking at the calendar and counting the days in between to figure out how long it's been since the last time you had sex and when the next time should be.

-Feel good in your skin and love yourself and your body regardless of the number on the scale or the size of clothing you wear (and believe him/her when he tells you he is turned on by you!).

-Experience the desire for sex and create a sex life that works for you every time, because it is customized to what feels good to you.

-Experience sexual pleasure and orgasms regularly.

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