Evelina Zivatkauskaite

: Certified Life Coach

Expert Overview

I help people who are ready and eager to start making changes in their minds to create the desired results in their lives.

Increased awareness, understanding, and self-compassion combined with self-coaching tools for mind and emotional management are some of the key elements leading to lasting changes, more conscious choices, and fulfilled dreams while enjoying the journey.

I work with clients privately 1:1, with corporate clients in a group setting, and teach children life coaching tools through online group classes.

Work with Me

☀️ Private One-on-One Sessions - as a general life coach, I work with clients on a wide variety of topics and goals. It could be  a specific goal or an area of your life that you want to change or improve, several, or all aspects of life, a desire to feel better, get clarity on what you want,  get unstuck, or simply have a better life - whatever “better” means to YOU. If you are interested in working together, schedule a free consultation call and we’ll talk about where you are now and why, where you want to be, and how I could help you get there.

☀️ Coaching for Corporate Clients - bespoke coaching package addressing specific company’s needs and goals. I help teams within the organizations become better at setting and achieving goals, communicating more efficiently, improve their time management skills, productivity, and performance. They learn self-coaching tools to manage their minds and handle negative emotions in order to make positive changes in their work environment as well as their personal lives. Contact for more information or click here to book a free consultation call to discuss your company’s needs and how I could help.

☀️ Kids Life Coaching Classes - I teach children life coaching tools through online group classes. In these fun small coaching classes kids learn self-coaching tools to manage their minds and emotions, grow self-confidence, self-love, become better at understanding and expressing themselves and start making more conscious choices. They learn how to recognize and process emotions, addressing external negativity as well as their own negative self-talk. I teach them how to manage their time, increase awareness and focus, set and achieve goals, in addition to tackling the challenges they are currently facing. Contact for more information on joining the next class.

I’m based in Hawaii, and coach in English and Lithuanian.

You can be anywhere in the world as sessions and classes are conducted online, via Zoom.

In-person workshops might be available depending on location and availability.

If you have any questions, send me a message via Facebook, Instagram or email.

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