Gemma Keys

: Binge Eating Coach & IFS Practitioner

Expert Overview

I offer affordable, deeply compassionate coaching to women who:

  •  desperately want to eat 'normally' … but the binges keep sneaking back in
  • crave energy and passion … but feel trapped in fatigue & crushing low moods
  • long to love their body … but hate it as it is right now
  • dream of stopping bingeing … but aren't sure if they ever will

These amazing women know there's something more waiting for them.

I help them uncover a life beyond bingeing.

Work with Me

I'm an:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner, and
  • Certified Life Coach

Visit my YoYo Freedom website to find out more about me and my coaching philosophy here.

Get in touch to arrange a free introductory session here.