Glenn Lovelace

: The Wingman - Especially For Men Whose Wives Have Transformed From Coaching

Expert Overview

Your Goal Is My Goal

So your wife has transformed from coaching and now it's your turn...

I've taken all things LCS and filtered through my beard to help "mansplain" WTH your wife has been spending all of this time, money and energy on so that you can NOT only reconnect with her in the MOST INTIMATE of ways...

BUT also produce all the RESULTS men are focused on...

I'm not going to sugar coat it - if you want to feel ripped in your clothes, make more money and have more sex let's talk. I'm all about adventure, fun and living while you create real RESULTS. You're never going to be this age again so let's learn to live it up.

Before I sound like the typical man let me also say if you don't harmonize and balance the EXTERNAL results with real INTERNAL work you'll be left like most men - constantly chasing success BUT never arriving at real happiness and fulfillment.

There is literally NOT 1 coach for men out there like me...not 1.

Work with Me

I've coached over 3,000 clients 1 on 1 since 2008. I've taken clients from $3M to $10M in their biz in less than 2 years, helped save marriages, helped get out of marriages, nurture and navigate troubled relationships, write books, lose 100 lbs +, ditch porn and alcoholism, get $500k raises at work, helped men negotiate massive raises and bonuses, become top salesman in their companies, launch and leap into what my clients really want to do...

Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School, countless coaches and perhaps even your wife - are all creating WILD results with these tools, processes and mindfulness.

If you've got problems and chaos - let's work on them.

So that you can get on with living...

When I say "Your Goal Is My Goal" I become your WINGMAN and we get to work...creating "it".

Go to my website and let's talk.

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