Gretchen Hernandez

: Business Process & Mindset Coach, LGBTQ+ Advocate

Expert Overview

If you don’t take care of your mental health, your business won’t matter.

Coaches, healers and educators, it’s possible to design your unique business models, sales funnels, products/services and processes to work with your brain, not against it.  I’m with you each step of the way. I help you gain clarity on all the “How” by using visual management tools.

There’s no such thing as failure, only learning and growing.  The Clarity Steps goal achievement system provides the structure, constraint, and experimentation to resolve all process and mindset obstacles to ensure your goal is inevitable.  Have multiple goals? No problem. The Clarity Steps creates organization and keeps you making progress.

Your confidence and capability soar when you have routine, documented processes that give you, your clients and your team planned, predictable results. Use templates used by World Class businesses to keep time/schedules optimized, everything aligned to business metrics and running smoothly.

Entrepreneurship is a personal growth journey.  It makes you face every insecurity you’ve ever had.  And life doesn’t stop. It comes in sideways when you least expect it, creating an emotional storm.  No worries.  I am the calm in your storm.  I’m here to support you with any aspect of your business, life and relationships.  We’ll get everything peaceful and working in harmony.

Work with Me

Set up a free consultation by clicking here.  We’ll discuss your business, your needs and determine the best arrangement to set you up for success.

  • Private customizable 1:1 Journey is offered in 3 month increments to support you during start-up, maintenance and scaling of your business.
  • Separate Women & Men’s Unshakable Business Memberships provide a sustainable option to receive consistent support for the longevity of your business. Business & Mindset courses, twice weekly coaching, and a collaborative community come together to help you rise in business, life and relationships.