Heather Ross

: CRAFT trained, Invitatation to Change certified coach for parents who have a son or daughter struggling with addiction.

Expert Overview

When you discover that your child is struggling with addiction, your life as you knew it ends. You live in fear for their life, self-doubt
creeps in, and the desire to help your child becomes all-consuming. Yet the advice you often get involves what not to do. It can be
agonizing when suggestions like tough love clash with your parental instincts.
But here’s some hopeful news: studies show that staying connected with your child significantly improves long-term outcomes. Your
unparalleled understanding of your child, coupled with your unwavering determination to support them, is an incredible superpower!
As a mother who has walked this path myself, I understand the daunting journey both during and after recovery. Instead of telling you
what not to do, I give you science-backed practical tools. They help you create the best possible conditions for your child’s change
process and give you your peace of mind and happiness back independent of your child’s addiction or recovery status.

Work with Me

Join me for a 45-minute, $17 Road to Recovery call, where I’ll share actionable steps to activate healing within your family.