Holly Lewis

: Stress Coach for Type A Tech Professionals

Expert Overview

I help Type A tech professionals stop stressing and overworking to achieve better health. The pressure you are putting on yourself to achieve causes chronic stress that leads to health issues. This internal pressure is unnecessary and is likely also holding you back from your greatest achievements.

I can teach you the secret to getting your stress levels under control with my six month, 1:1 coaching program. You'll start to reduce your stress and anxiety levels immediately and we'll work together to achieve your mindset goals with time, achievement and perfection. You'll come out of it with less stress, better health, and more confidence.

Work with Me

I understand your situation. As a Type A who has had a 30 year tech career, I put enormous pressure on myself to win and achieve at all costs to the point where I ended up overworking and having chest pains. The tools I will teach you have completely changed my life and I'd be honored to help you do so as well.

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