Jacquie Jhass

: Burnout Prevention and Recovery Coach for Physicians.

Expert Overview

Many physicians have lost their passion for medicine and are on the verge of burnout. You don’t have to leave medicine to feel better. Empowered by the transformative benefits of coaching, I went from burnout, to loving medicine more than ever. Having enhanced my skills further with certification as a Deep Dive Coach with Bev Aron, now I help my fellow physicians reprioritize their time and energy so they can show up fully engaged, finding ease and rediscovering joy in medicine and beyond (giving themselves, and the world, the gift of their kick ass selves in the process).

Work with Me

In my 12 week 1:1 coaching program you will learn how to find ease in your patient encounters, to handle the demands of practice without resentment, to get through your charting at work, and to manage your time efficiently to have more of it for yourself. Find out more about how you can Mind the Me in MD on my website, or book your free call .