Janet Quinlan

: Marriage & Parenting Coach for Catholic Women

Expert Overview

I help Catholic women create a vibrant marriage, well-behaved happy children, and a bright and cheerful home.  I give them the practical tools they need while working to eliminate the mindset that has created overwhelm and anxiety in their life.  I help them achieve their ultimate goal - a happy family filled with faith, love and peace.


Work with Me

I offer two ways to work with me.  My 1:1 private coaching sessions help you focus on the issues that hold you back from creating the marriage and motherhood you desire.  I provide practical tools to help you achieve your goals, but more importantly, I help you sort through your beliefs and thoughts about your problems to find the solutions that will create the life you want.

Learn more about 1:1 coaching and schedule a complimentary call HERE to see how coaching can help you.

I also offer "Reimagine Motherhood" - a monthly coaching membership designed to support and encourage women in their marriage, motherhood, and home management.  Each month I present four workshops on a specific topic for the month.  Topics we cover consider all you need to live out your vocation to marriage and motherhood:  effective communication, effective discipline with love and respect, creating an orderly and clean home, establishing and implementing personal goals, and authentic self care - physical, emotional, spiritual. Each workshop is followed by Q & A and coaching opportunities.

Listen to my podcast, "Finding Joy in Motherhood", for encouragement, coaching, and learned wisdom from a mom who's been there!