Jenna Harrison

: Business Clarity Coach

Expert Overview

Clarity is QUEEN. Once you get clear on exactly

… what you’re really about
… who you need to be serving
… what those people need in order to take action, and
… what about *you* is getting in your way

then you’ll be making the true difference (with the profitable business to show for it!) that you’re here to make.

“Clarity gives you that confidence — you KNOW you’re connecting! Which changes how you show up everywhere else!” --Client

I spent years as a confused high performer. My life looked great on paper, but it didn’t feel fully aligned and I knew I was meant for even more. If only I could get clear on what I should be doing instead...

Now I help women entrepreneurs own their superpowers, clarify their ICA/offer/messaging, and clear out the unhelpful mental clutter that keeps them from fully realizing their work in the world.

Luckily, that process doesn’t have to take years (like it did for me!). The answers have already been showing up for you, and we just need to connect the dots...

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