Jennifer Gibbs

: Career Coach for Midlife Women

Expert Overview

Informed by the hard-won perspective I've gained as an accomplished executive and ever-evolving human, I help women embrace what they really want, realign their career goals to their dreams, and boldly achieve through the unique physical, emotional and financial demands of midlife. My coaching is rooted in curiosity, compassion, community, and a sense of humour.

Work with Me

My offerings are for you if you are ready to receive the support and tools you need to:

Stop assuming this is all there is, and start examining your career from a place of possibility
Stop questioning what else you have to offer, and start connecting with your dreams and strengths
Stop dragging yourself through each day, and start pursuing your goals with renewed purpose

All this alongside a small group of amazing women who are wanting to do the exact same thing.

Dream Makers Alliance is a structured 4-month group coaching journey designed to renew your love and connection to your work, and most importantly, to yourself.

Start taking meaningful action with commitment and confidence, while building a sustainable, purposeful and joyful practice of goal attainment.

​It's not too late.
You're not too old.
There is more for you to give and to gain.

And you don't have to move forward alone.

This is an incredible opportunity to empower your midlife career with the support of an intimate group of courageous women committed to living our greatness - on our terms.

We'd love for you to join us.

Book a free consultation with me to learn more.