Jennifer Grasseschi

: Coach for Artists & Creative People

Expert Overview

So many creative people feel stuck, discouraged and powerless to live the creative life they long for. I help these beautiful people learn how to overcome obstacles and generate the confidence, courage and clarity they need in order to joyfully go after and achieve their wildest creative dreams.

Work with Me

Maybe you’re dreaming of publishing a book, recording an album, making a film, selling your paintings, or creating a design business. Maybe you already work in a creative industry and you’re ready to uplevel your career and go after that dream position or entrepreneurship. Or maybe you just want more creativity in your daily life - a more creative way of being.

As a multi-faceted artist myself, I know all too well the struggles and pitfalls creative people face. I can help you learn how to freely express all of that awesome creativity that’s bottled up inside of you and become the unstoppable creative force of nature you know you’re meant to be. Click here to schedule a free Discovery Consult call with me, and let’s talk about you, your art, and how I can help you!