Jenny Hillger

: Coach for Midlife Women Who've Dieted Their Entire Lives

Expert Overview

I help women who, like me, have been on one diet or another since as early as five years old and want to finally take back their own power so they can lose the weight and sustain that loss from a place of love and wholeness.

At age 55, I lost 100 pounds and have sustained that loss because I finally discovered how to master the painful war I’d been in with food and my body since I was a girl.
I’m passionate about helping my clients unlearn all the painful, ineffective, impossible to sustain “knowledge” a lifetime of diet-indoctrination instills in them.

Most women in a lifelong struggle with weight are focusing on the wrong things…things like fat grams, calories, sugar, carbs, diets and supplements…things…instead of their mindset and emotional experience.
Most of us grow up thinking if we fix the weight, we can then feel better about ourselves and finally be able to accept and love ourselves… when the opposite is true and is what helps us lose weight and sustain the weight loss.
We try so hard to be perfect at whatever weight loss plan we take on…and when we aren’t perfect at it – because no one can be perfect…we give up and beat ourselves up and then use food to comfort ourselves. And on and on it goes.

If you
…Are woman in midlife who’s been on one diet or another since childhood…maybe you were initiated into dieting by a mother, a sister, a friend, even a doctor…or, maybe like so many of us, all the pictures in magazines and on television made you believe at a tender age that to be “acceptable” you needed to be skinny,

…Have had a life-long obsession with food, always thinking about what you’re going to eat, can’t eat, want to eat, plotting ways to get and eat the food in secret…
Have used food and bingeing as a way of coping with a seemingly unmanageable life, that ends up feeling even more unmanageable because of the bingeing.
Have been on almost every diet known to mankind AND lost weight. And regained it plus more each time,

Feel defeated and demoralized because you are, at midlife, at a weight you swore you’d never let yourself be…and now you feel like you might not even deserve to feel good and to be happy or to be at the weight you want. Feel like you don’t deserve to have what everyone else has, because maybe you really aren’t good enough,

I am here for you and I want you to know that it is possible to have what you’ve told yourself you can’t.

It is possible to have a healthy relationship with food.
It is possible to eat for nourishment as well as enjoyment and still lose weight and maintain it.
It is possible to take care of yourself in simple but profound ways…in the way that truly is your birthright but that you’ve told yourself you don’t deserve.

The life you deserve is one where you are living the life you truly want to live, in the body you truly want to live in. And…it is NEVER “too late.”

I offer one-to-one coaching that’s intimate, compassionate, and is based on proven emotional and mental tools and strategies that are holistically transformative and lead to lasting change.

I have been on this journey too. I’ve been where you are. I understand, and I get you.
I can help you.

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I work one on one with women because I believe everyone deserves to have time for themselves to explore their lives and reach their full potential. To book a discovery call with me, click here.