Jessica de Hody

: Life Coach in Coping with Emotions

Expert Overview

Through my personal experience, I see that the majority of relationship problems between human beings frequently stem from the discomfort that each person may experience internally and for which he or she does not always have the solution and the tools to resolve it.

This unhappiness has its origin in the emotional dependence that we have with others, which has the impact of preventing us from truly living our lives in our own terms, but according to others (their gaze, judgment, thoughts, etc.).

My coaching philosophy is deeply linked to this point of view : for me, it represents one of the best ways to improve the relationships that people have with themselves because it allows us to take a deep look at the situations of our lives and gives the power back to each person to decide what they want to keep and change in order to live better every day.

I am convinced that improving one's relationship with oneself will improve one's relationships with others and ultimately create a better world where each person would more easily take responsibility for his or her emotions and where psychological abuse would be less present.

Work with Me

My mission is to teach you to decode your emotions to develop the courage to live the life you truly want.